Buying Public Housing – Is it Worth It?

For young families, and in the selection of new apartments is one of the best choice. Has a favorable location, adequate infrastructure and services are relatively good, common living happy family on one floor, including purchase price and the apartment also has a repayment schedule …, is the weak housing element that can not be compared with the apartment.

But to buy one like the apartment was not easy. Unlike other commodities, real estate is one item that is difficult to buy and hard to sell because of liquidity, as the magnitude of assets to be decided.

Based on my own experience, along with many friends (there is demand for housing in the long term), then we would like to share one experience of purchasing a condominium for you as follows:

Owner: This is one the most important factors when you decide to buy a condominium. Up to 50% of those who bought apartments in Hanoi have problems with builders. Progress is slow, or the house is not even built, sold home-style “semi-wild ducks Pebbles”, sold the value of the dollar, the price of capital contribution, while on a price contract, negligence quality, charging a ridiculous price … it’s rare to find a good builders

– Experience in building and managing urban areas were put into operation. Let’s look at the urban areas that changed the face of Hanoi is working to find a reputable investors.

– Original price on the sales contract that is closely to the market price. Do not urge investors to make low-cost apartments.

– Having the financial resources and ability to build good, companies and enterprises directly under construction. These corporations when they encounter waves of internal resources by using the services of internal corporate conglomerate, materials, design .

– Owner direct sales, less mediated, into the hands of customers through their own exchanges.

Many apartments are beautiful design and internal infrastructure area looks great, but to go to work and children to school is both a huge problem even if you have a car. Imagine a year to spend 700 hours to go on the road and wait in traffic, plus the cost of gasoline and health loss … like a few decades, the cost of paying the amount not less than figure billions.

Please set out the following questions about infrastructure and marked points, if 70% is required you may have to find an apartment like that.

– Location relative to the region and its capital Hanoi how? Future development? Convenient transport to go to work, go to school for the majority of non-family members back?

– Infrastructure essential for ensuring daily life: electricity, roads, schools and health services, clean water, markets, hospitals, parks, restaurants, public services … are fully and smoothly?

– Environmental Infrastructure: near a river, lake water, away from industrial areas, service areas, quiet atmosphere, clean environment, many trees, with lakes, there are not many public spaces?

– Human Infrastructure: community citizens civilization, uniform culture and lifestyle or near residential complex, not dens evils?

There are many factors that we can learn through the network, through maps, through the brokerage office, the media, or from trusted friends … but there are factors that you have to see in person on the ground. The most effective way is for you take the time to sit at sidewalk stalls or meet one of the few people who are living in urban areas.